Square Handlebar n stem Combo


Cörrent Components wanted to create a bar that has this nice flex that’s not tiering to your hands and still be able to take the beating of your ordinary bike life. Including mounting your favourite brakes onto it without the risk of cracking. No need to worry about keeping on riding after rubber side of things went upside down. Still with a bar n stem combo that’s keeping a respectable weight.
To achieve this Cörrent had to rethink both the usual fibre orientation and the shape of the bar. The bars rectangular 30x32mm shape isn’t just to keep the nice flex in the right directions. It also gave Cörrent the possibility to create a very special stem. Instead of using a “built in” carbon stem that’s messes up the flex, Cörrent created this very light one-piece stem that works together with the bar to create a good flex and keeping the weight down. In fact, it turned out even lighter this way then with an integrated one. The stem uses only two screws that’s clamps around the steering tube. The top cap bolt adding the ordinary pretension to the headtube bearings and at the same time adding the clamping force to the bar.
The shape of the combo is truly made for giving the modern trail rider a tool for the future. 780mm wide 5° up sweep, 6° back sweep and 27mm rise paired with a short 32mm stem, really give you an aggressive position. Still maintaining your “actual” head angel as slack as it should be by keeping your hands around the turning centre of the fork.
Weight bar n stem 315g
The first series of 50 bar n stem combos are on pre order now and delivery starts MAY 2022

Price 490 Euros including Swedish tax and shipping to all EU countries.

Bar made fully inhouse Lofsdalen, Sweden. Stem CNC milled in Germany and hand finish in Lofsdalen.

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