Cörrent Components is small one-man show aiming to flip, bend and rethink every bike component. In order to find out how to produce the best parts possible. There are many unexplored possibilities with carbon fibre when it comes to MTB bikes and bike parts. Sure, its light and stiff, but what about its special flex properties and ability to withstand abuse if built properly?

With complete inhouse manufacturing from computer modelling, high end CNC machining to prepreg autoclave. Cörrent Components have everything needed to do things our way. Even if it’s not the way things usually are done, it might be the way things are done from here on…

The workshop is located in Lofsdalen, a small mountain town in Sweden. The small workshop is energy efficient and appropriate for its cause. Even if it might be impossible to call yourself environmentally friendly when producing new stuff. Cörrent Components sure are turning carbon business into a really power neat affair. In fact, the workshop is built up to be so power efficient that the whole thing is run on only one 10A fuse. That’s fully operational in under 2,3Kw including heating and lighting!



Contact                      Visit                          Kari Halvarsvägen 7

@correntcomponents                                        84296 Lofsdalen

+46705179423                                                   Sweden

5 year Warrenty

The following conditions apply to the lifetime warranty:

  • Lifetime Warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects.

  • Applies to parts manufactured by Cörrent Components

  • Valid for intended and appropriate use only.

  • Warranty only applies to the original owner with proof of purchase.


  • Wear and tear.

  • Paintwork

  • Cable rub and other friction damage.

  • Bearings and other “wear parts” i.e. the idler wheel and seals.

  • Damage occurring due to insufficient maintenance or poor treatment.

  • Damage occurring as a result of over-torqueing, cross threading or other mis-fitting of components.

  • Damage occurring due to impact damage of any description.

  • Transport damage, car, airline etc

  • Professional competitive use.

  • Deliberate damage including attempted theft.